Sterling EQ

Sterling EQ – SA’s instrumental supergroup

Known for changing the face of instrumental music in South Africa and beyond with their extraordinary fusion of virtuosity and fresh beats, Sterling EQ boasts four successful releases, more than 1000 live performances since 2008, and thousands of followers worldwide. They have performed in 13 countries and for live audiences of up to 40,000, and on live broadcasts to millions of global television viewers. Sterling EQ proudly boasts a South African Music Award (2011) and a Ghoema Music Award (2013) as well as various further nominations. The group is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary with the release of the compilation album “10 Years of Sterling EQ”, which contains a selection of hits from their 3 albums, as well as new material.

The trio is lead by celebrated flute virtuoso Carina Bruwer who is also widely known for her marathon swimming feats, with the dynamic Ariella Caira enchanting on the electric cello, and on electric violin, ace performer and composer Luca Hart whose Grappelli-inspired improvisations has audiences in awe. These three Classically trained virtuosos share dozens of awards, degrees and distinctions between them, as well as a passion for the latest beats and pop music trends.  

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