Kevin Fraser

After his move to Australia in 2014, Kevin’s passion for performance and his natural comedic talent started to evolve into something truly unique. Before long, he realised he could not only make people dance, but laugh a little too. Kevin began releasing videos about his experience as an expat abroad and did so through the guise of stereotypical South African personas. The success of these videos was instantaneous. Kevin’s career took off, and his fan base exploded.

He has since broken the 1 million view mark with one of his more famous South African personas in ”The Melbourne Train Ride” and “Honourable Teletubbies’’. This gift for entertainment has now found him on the stage, performing for thousands of fans across the globe. Kevin brings a unique fusion of music and comedy to the stage and delivers truly inimitable performances.

With volumes of international live shows under his belt, he has entertained over 50 cities in 2018 with his “Club Can’t Handle Me” show. As anticipated, Kevin Fraser will burst into 2019 with his eagerly awaited show, “Leaving The World Behind”.

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