Roly Struckmeyer + Cornel Meyer

Roly Struckmeyer, the iconic Sheep Dog of Durban music, is a living legend. His high energy passion and eagerness to instil all he has learnt, in his music career, to any keen young artist, is beautifully admirable.

Roly Struckmeyer & Cornel Meyer deliver the best of their best original music, accompanying each other’s music. Their duo is IZIT.

He has toured & performed with names such as Perez, Wonderboom, Butternut and Landscape Prayers. Roly’s first solo album came out in 2007, and he has spent the last decade in cover bands like No Fly Zone, A-frame and more recently Rustic Spring. Most recently he formed the original trio called Silent Generator, with Michael Goddard (AKA DJ Clockalot) & Adam Connor, both ex Perez as well as Ard Matthew’s band & Ichabod, respectively.


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