Serena Sanctuary for GBV

Only a victim of #GBV could truly understand

The immediate lifelines of; trust & protection that are needed to survive effectively, and not  have ones self worth further decimated on reporting to be rescued.

Agreed? Read on…

Clanstival Cultural Arts NPC together with Sobriety is Power South Africa NPC

Have commited to establishing and cultivating a Safe House to; save and empower the lives of GBV victims, who choose to take a stand for themselves & their community.

Situated in the Midlands of KZN in Nottingham Rd, the surroundings are conducive to healing, rehabilitation, learning and to be empowered with the skills required for entrepreneurial advancement, self worth and paying it forward.

The key for success of our graduates, being ongoing support and counselling for those who harness the courses and take control for themselves.


Build an Establishment of: 12 Beds/Rooms, using cob style building methods, as a local community project; creating income & skills development for volunteers. 

Full-time counsellor specialising in domestic violence, rape, substance abuse, suicide and self worth reconditioning.  

Learning centre for up to 40 participants at a time, on 5 x 2 month programmes per annum. Empowering 200 individuals a year, to become self sustainable entrepreneurs, with the ability to mentor their own employees.

Courses and skills to be covered:

Selfcare & Healing practices

Finance management

Entrepreneurial Skills Development with Bizportal, CIPC & SARS basics

Skills of Resourcefulness & Sales Etiquette

Qualified Self Startup Opportunities to choose to embark on

Habits for Success

A mentorship programme for all graduates, on a 5 year programme for; Motivation, Measurement, Evaluation, Skills reinforcement and Networking opportunities, to ensure each graduate has the full backing and support to achieve independence. 


Open door policy to volunteers and/or victims. 

Guardian Watch Dog – Where cases of GBV can be instantly reported to our one stop hotline.

Qualified and armed guards will come, selflessly, to the immediate aid and protection of local victims in crisis to calm & control the situation.

Our admin office will then report to local police authorities and once established that the scene is under control, our counsellor will be deployed to offer support to the victim through whatever processes awaits; statements, district surgeon, hospitalisation, or just simply for support & a sense of comfort.

The building & establishment of the centre’s holistic system is planned to be complete and fully implemented, as a service to the community, by March 2021.

We need to raise only R800 000.00 to bring this solution to life.

Please donate to our cause, in any amount possible, to be remembered on our “Wall of Gratitude”, to honour contributors with a brick placard, dedicated to your; Name, Family, School or Business Name.

Donate at:

Your contributions will be turned into Gold by birthing the catalyst of “Feeling Alive” for hundreds of deserving lives.

To be involved on an operational level, please email or call 0730012064

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